Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Bermuda Trophy

We were honoured to be chosen to create the official winner’s trophy for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Bermuda Race 2015.

Our winning concept was based on a simple idea – balance. Because sailing is all about balance. The balance between power and agility, between speed and resistance, between human engineering and the forces of nature.

Making it kinetic and self-balanced was a delicate process, that took 5 weeks in total.

The result was a self-balancing silicone bronze trophy, with a poured lead counter weight inside, made from the sash window of an old Bermuda cottage, the keel weight from a Bermuda One Design and a working fisherman’s down rigger ball. On top stands a 1:90 scale foiling AC45 catamaran, leaning over at exactly 32 degrees – the precise latitude of Bermuda on the globe.

We worked with a motley crew of local skills to pull it off. Credit to the following people:

Wood worker Vibio Festa, fishermen Blake and Jim West, Alex Roque of Dynamic Machining, Robert and Max Moniz of Bermuda Electroplating, Donna & Craig Faries of MASS Ltd, Alex Davidson, Meredith Andrews, Stuart Lunn of Lunn Marine, David Swift of Pembroke Paint, artist Desmond Fountain and engineer Bill Andrews.

Meredith Andrews shot video and photos.